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Training WPNSA 02-Sep-24 - Booking Form
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Venue: Hansa UK Booking Status
Address: Date: Mon 02-Sep-2024 09:00 To Wed 04-Sep-2024 13:00
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Rig Boats

The Hansa 303 Rig will be going to the training.  If you would like to be considered for a rig boat please complete your details and confirm your booking as you would do for a TT.  You won't be charged for this stage.  Mike Everitt will then allocate the boats in a similar way to a TT, but taking into consideration and giving priority to those who are actually going to the Europeans. You will then be sent a confirmation email with a link to pay the £30 charter fee through stripe.

If you have any queries about Rig Boat booking, please text or WhatsApp to Mike Everitt on 07979 070748

The RYA will be running a training camp at WPNSA 2nd-4th September (Schedule below).  
The training will be run by Brett Cokayne and Alan Hillman

£90 per boat
plus £10 per day (charter boats)

Schedule (guideline):

Monday 2nd:

9-12  Arrive and rig
12-13:30  Launch -> pontoon
12   Sailor briefing
12:30-13:30   Loading
13:30-16 Training
16 - 16:30 Unloading
16:30 Debrief

Tuesday 3rd:

9:30 Brief
10 Loading
10:30- 12:00  Training
12:00 Unload
12:30- 13:30  Lunch/debrief
13:30 Loading
14-15:30  Training
16-16:30  Unloading
16:30 Debrief

Wednesday 4th

9:30 Brief
10 Loading
10:30- 12:30 Training
12:30 Unload
13:00 ->   Derig
13:30  Lunch/debrief
Please click here to book your place: 
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Lara Sturgis2.3Confirmed
Debra Pennington303 1 PersonConfirmed
Hannah Nicoll303 1 PersonConfirmed
James Woosnam303 1 PersonConfirmed
Margaret Foreman303 1 PersonConfirmed
Rick Jillings303 2 PersonConfirmed
David DurstonLibertyConfirmed
Mary DuffyLibertyConfirmed
Lynne Swan303 2 PersonInterested
Ric CassellLibertyInterested
Tom Hepburn303 1 PersonInterested