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Race Results
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2024 Hansa Liberty National Series
PlannedNoOfRaces:10 RacesCompleted:5 Discards:0
PositionWhoClubFramptonNew ForestNotts CountyRutlandCarsingtonRacesSailedTotalScoreNettScore
1Paul PearsonRutland Sailing Club/Sailability3223351313
2David DurstonWhitefriars Sailing Club138 (DNS)4141717
3Paul PhillipsFrensham Pond Sailability218 (DNS)18 (DNS)32020
4Ric CassellRutland Sailing Club/Sailability4418 (DNS)8 (DNS)32525
5Chris EmmetRutland Sailing Club/Sailability8 (DNS)8 (DNS)8 (DNS)2222828
6Simon HarleRutland Sailing Club/Sailability8 (DNS)8 (DNS)35432828
7Tessa WatkissFrensham Pond Sailability558 (DNS)68 (DNS)33232
2024 New Forest TT Liberty
PlannedNoOfRaces:4 RacesCompleted:4 Discards:1
1Paul PhillipsFrensham Pond Sailability2111453
2Paul PearsonRutland Sailing Club/Sailability52324127
3David DurstonWhitefriars Sailing Club33234118
4Ric CassellRutland Sailing Club/Sailability15444149
5Tessa WatkissFrensham Pond Sailability446 (DNC)6 (DNC)22014
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