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Race Results
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2024 Hansa 303 1 Person National Series
PlannedNoOfRaces:10 RacesCompleted:5 Discards:0
PositionWhoClubFramptonNew ForestNotts CountyRutlandCarsingtonRacesSailedTotalScoreNettScore
1Jazz TurnerNewhaven and Seaford Sailing Club1120 (DNS)1242525
2Rory McKinnaClyde Cruising Club2220 (DNS)2142727
3Debra PenningtonNotts County Sailing Club5927552828
4Logan BellRutland Sailing Club/Sailability71248753838
5Mike EverittFrensham Pond Sailability20 (DNS)31320 (DNS)34747
6Leslie PhilipTideway London36320 (DNS)20 (DNS)35252
7James WoosnamFrensham Pond Sailability4420 (DNS)20 (DNS)435252
8Max RumballTideway London11820 (DNS)420 (DNS)36363
9Antony WilliamsWhitefriars Sailing Club20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)6627272
10Kim DaviesFrensham Pond Sailability81020 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)27878
11Katie ApseFrensham Pond Sailability101120 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)28181
12Hannah NicollWhitefriars Sailing Club20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)318383
13Judith RiggsFrensham Pond Sailability20 (DNS)520 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)18585
14Margaret ForemanFrensham Pond Sailability20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)520 (DNS)18585
15Talan Skeels-PigginsFrensham Pond Sailability620 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)18686
16Richard BickfordNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)20 (DNS)720 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)18787
17Henriette SmithAsker Seilforening 920 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)18989
18Andrew HolmesNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)1220 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)19292
19Rebecca WillcoxWhitefriars Sailing Club1320 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)20 (DNS)19393
2024 Carsington TT 303 1 Person
PlannedNoOfRaces:4 RacesCompleted:4 Discards:1
1Rory McKinnaClyde Cruising Club1211453
2Jazz TurnerNewhaven and Seaford Sailing Club2122475
3Hannah NicollWhitefriars Sailing Club43334139
4James WoosnamFrensham Pond Sailability8 (RET)64432214
5Debra PenningtonNotts County Sailing Club555542015
6Antony WilliamsWhitefriars Sailing Club378 (RET)632416
7Logan BellRutland Sailing Club/Sailability6468 (DNC)32416
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