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Race Results
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2024 Hansa 303 2 Person National Series
PlannedNoOfRaces:10 RacesCompleted:5 Discards:0
PositionWhoClubFramptonNew ForestNotts CountyRutlandCarsingtonRacesSailedTotalScoreNettScore
1Rick JillingsCarsington Sailing Club5519 (DNS)2443535
2Lynne SwanChesil Sailability219 (DNS)19 (DNS)1134242
3Paula Roddy Northampton Sailing Club19 (DNS)19 (DNS)13734949
4Philip HallChesil Sailability3419 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)26464
5Harry HollandFrensham Pond Sailability119 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)17777
6Jane KnightNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)19 (DNS)119 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)17777
7Nigel SilmanNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)19 (DNS)219 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)17878
8Ian FrisbySwarkestone19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)217878
9Niall GuiteCarsington Sailing Club19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)317979
10Ian ParkNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)19 (DNS)319 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)17979
11Stephen KitsonNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)419 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)18080
12Finley WingroveRutland Sailing Club/Sailability19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)419 (DNS)18080
13Jesse von SchreiberCarsington Sailing Club19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)518181
14Ellie PercivalRutland Sailing Club/Sailability19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)519 (DNS)18181
15Gary FlintSwarkestone19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)618282
16Andrew HolmesNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)19 (DNS)619 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)18282
17Lottie RogersRutland Sailing Club/Sailability19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)619 (DNS)18282
18Terry ShielsCarsington Sailing Club19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)19 (DNS)818484
2024 Frampton TT 303 2 Person
PlannedNoOfRaces:4 RacesCompleted:4 Discards:1
1Harry HollandFrensham Pond Sailability1311463
2Lynne SwanChesil Sailability2122475
3Philip HallChesil Sailability32444139
4Stephen KitsonNew Forest and District Sailability (Spinnaker)445341611
5Rick JillingsCarsington Sailing Club553541813
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